Morning adventure to Windermere Lake

There were no Monday blues for me this week! After a solid week of job searches and trying to play catch up with daily chores, I decided I needed a day of mindfulness. I have been home with my two dogs since mid-March and have travelled very little this year due to Covid-19, and I was desperate for a fresh morning walk somewhere relaxing, regardless of the weather (and let me tell you it rained).

Travelling 2 hours with a dear friend of mine, we embarked on our morning journey to Windermere lake. First stop, McDonald’s for breakfast (obviously) and then we were off. Once we reached our destination, we decided to set off on a long walk, exploring the local area and taking in the beautiful views. After our brisk walk and mini photoshoot, we decided to head back to the car for lunch, where we were met with an outrageous queue of cars trying to find spaces. It was definitely home time.

Our adventure was short and sweet! I left feeling thankful for the ability to travel wherever I want (to an extent) and for having great company on a very spontaneous trip. The dogs enjoyed themselves too.