My Background in Photography

I first took an interest in photography as a young teenager where I would photograph family and friends and then edit them into something silly and fun. Later, when I began sixth form I decided to take Photography as an A-Level, where I learnt basic camera and editing skills.

Below are a few of my last year Finals, you can also click here to view more of my finals.

Photography as a Hobby

After a few years my passion for photography was situated when I purchased my first DSLR camera, a Nikon D3300. Although it is classified as a ‘beginners’ camera it is perfect for my small hands, light enough to carry large distances and easy to use.

Taking Photography from Hobby to a Job

Photography has always been something I have been interested in and though developing my skill as both camera operator and editor has been a fun process I wanted to take it further and expand my hobby into the working world. I was given multiple opportunities from the KGA not only to help set up the clubs online presence but to also archive activities through the use of my photography experience. Having travelled the country for events as the clubs photographer, which not only strengthened my skill though practice but also helped in the development of my confidence. This later geared me on to doing freelance work as an amateur animal photographer, giving me the opportunity to meet wonderful people and their pets. I have also worked for a production company, Veracity Digital Limited, on occasions as camera operator, editor, runner, interviewer and stills photographer.